The 13 Biggest Food Suppliers in the US

When it comes to food distribution, there are many companies that deserve recognition for their achievements and contributions to the food industry. From Performance Foodservice to Mondelez, these 13 top food service distributors and providers in the US have their own unique stories and qualities. Performance Foodservice is a leader in the distribution and supply industry. They provide more than 100,000 products to more than 125,000 customers, including their exclusive brands combined with nationally known and trusted global brands.

McLane Company is a leader in supply chain services in the US. They offer McLane Grocery and McLane Foodservice and have more than 80 distribution centers serving nearly 110,000 locations. With their large fleet of trucks, they deliver more than 50,000 consumer products to customers in the US. Gordon Food Service has a rich 120-year history of delivering food across the country.

They have more than 170 Gordon Food Service stores where customers can receive quality supplies between deliveries. Shamrock Foods was founded as a family business in 1922 and has grown to become a national food service distributor. They are one of the top ten distributors in the country and operate in thirteen countries in the western United States. Keith Company has been operating since 1906 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

They deliver delicious food to more than 15 states, in addition to providing premium beverage distribution to more than 62 counties in Texas. Buffalo Rock began in 1901 and is now the largest single-family owned Pepsi bottler in the United States, the second largest Dr. Pepper bottler and the largest bottling machine in Sunkist and Canada Dry. They have ten divisions with about 2,100 members and use 14 distribution centers to reach 15,000 retail customers.

The Martin-Brower company began in 1956 delivering restaurant supplies to McDonald's. They now serve restaurants across the country through their 28 distribution centers. Dot Transportation operates a large fleet of more than 1,300 trucks with more than 2000 workers and 12 distribution centers that ship to all fifty states and around the world in more than 35 countries. Dot Transportation is a subsidiary of Dot Foods.

KeHe Distributors brings natural and organic specialty foods to restaurants and retailers across the country. It is one of the main wholesale food distributors with 16 distribution centers and more than 5,500 employees. It is also a leading distributor of organic food in North America. Cargill employs 155,000 people and operates in 70 countries in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The food and beverage company Nestlé employs 291,000 people worldwide offering a range of products from baby food to pet services. Sysco Corporation has approximately 323 distribution facilities around the world and employs more than 69,000 people. The company's main operations are in North America and Europe. Weston Foods is a North American bakery that sells commercial bread, artisanal products, donuts, pastries, rolls and more. It comprises 40 bakery facilities in Canada and the US which employ approximately 6,000 people. George Weston is a Canadian public company with businesses in food and grocery retail, real estate and consumer goods. The company employs more than 200,000 people. Bunge is a global agribusiness and food company based in the US that operates five business segments including agribusiness, edible oil products, milling products, sugar and bioenergy, and fertilizers.

It employs approximately 25,000 people. PepsiCo owns popular brands such as Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola and Quaker. It serves more than 200 countries and territories with its 42 distribution centers employing 141,000 people. Mondelez sells snacks such as cookies, chocolate, chewing gum and more across 200 countries with its 6 manufacturing facilities employing over 6500 people.

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